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On the Ice - Days 1 and 2

Landed at Camp Barneo
We boarded the Russian plane for Barneo – the most bizarre flight of our lives.  Think the plane was built in the 1960’s.  Aircraft smelt of petrol and unwashed Russians.  The landing at Barneo was hair-raising – the shortest runway in the world – all made of ice.  Straight into the warm tent at Barneo where the Russians gave the guides the brief on current weather conditions, drifts of the ice and leads  (Leads are the breaks in the ice).
Next we board a Russian helicopter to be air lifted to our start point.  No heat on board and currently -36 – and that’s inside the helicopter!  No seats on the helicopter – we sat on our ski’s and sledges.  Helicopter landed in a desert of ice – and we get everything off the chopper – basically we were shoved out the door.  We were instructed to lay across our sledges as the chopper took off  due to the downdraft – otherwise, we’d lose the sledges. The chopper blades started to spin – quite scary – nothing like we have every experienced before in our lives. The chopper left – we are alone.  This is the strangest feeling we have ever felt – totally on our own now – in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.
First day, we walked 7 miles.  A tough day, coming across many leads and rough ice.  Bedding down for the first night was a challenge – this is the first time that we have ever set up the tents, cooked and made the throne.  We cook in one tent due to the cold.  As soon as the cooker is turned off, the condensation it causes freezes everything.  All our kit is frozen – including our sleeping bags.  Oh well, we’ll just have to cuddle up!
Day two – very rough going today.  Just did 5 miles – this is so tough.  Walked for 8 hours – only managed 5 miles.  Pulling sledges through massive ice blocks.  Shovelling along on ski’s, hit ice and the sledge hits you in the back of the neck.  Had to take the skis off and man handled the sledges through 10ft blocks of ice.  A lead opened up as we were crossing so we really had to get a shift on when crossing.  Good God, we can move fast when we need to!
We’ve just had dinner and are bedding down for the night now.  Team are tired - but all in good spirits.  Love to all – speak to you soon.

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simon Beale on 07 April 2012 21:39
Keep the spirits up !!
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Alison Parker on 07 April 2012 21:41
Fantastic achievement so... Keep going through all the tough times and you'll get there! So proud of you! Everyone sends their best wishes... Sleep well xxx
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keithandval on 07 April 2012 21:54
No one person is perfect ,BUT A TEAM CAN BE!! stick together and conquer you shall.....best wishes kvlro xxxxx
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Jules on 08 April 2012 00:15
Wishing you all the Very best. Sounds like hard work today keep your spirits up. Belfry gym members xxx Paul keep your chin up
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Michael and Paula Shipley on 08 April 2012 06:48
Sounds super tough out there. Think positive, stick together. You will get through it. Piece of cake!! Love and best wishes Michael Paula and girls. Xx
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Mark G on 08 April 2012 07:36
6 men undertaking a very extraordinary challenge!!!!Remember, keep the team together, believe in each other and you will achieve your goal!Good luck.
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Ian & Sharon Smith on 08 April 2012 09:11
Really look forward to the daily blog, good to hear your all doing well, it's a great team you have out there. Just be positive and start writing your memoirs for Gravity Fm interviews. X Ian & Sharon
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colin & kerrie-lee on 08 April 2012 09:21
Well done so far, you are still the bravest (and stupidest!)people we know. Keep your spirits up and know that you have all our thoughts and love. c&KL;
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Rodney (nice and warm) Munns on 08 April 2012 09:27
Well lads should we have pulled the sledges over the sand dunes at Burnham and over the frozen boxes in the cold store. Well Andrew i got to Mansfield before you lot got started. P.S. is Alex helping with the contents of the blog......... is it really that cold and tough Brian ?
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Catherine Carr on 08 April 2012 12:27
Well done Paul and all the team for your achievements so far. Keep your spirits up, take care. Love from us all xx
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Jeremy and Rachel Mcgrail on 08 April 2012 13:35
Sounds really bleak,your braver guys than me ,I'm happy cycling round the countryside for charity ,Good to hear your spirits are up, keep the blog going. Love the mcgrails.x
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Taroni on 08 April 2012 14:23
Happy Easter Daddy! Your doing great!!
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Paul & Yaz on 08 April 2012 15:47
Hi Paul and all the team, Sounds really really tough out there guys, just battling against all the unforeseen things must be a nightmare, but as others have mentioned keep believing in each other, remember team work will pull you through. We will continue to follow your progress, Its fantastic what you are all doing, best wishes Paul & Yaz xx
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Matthew & Luke on 08 April 2012 16:22
Happy Easter Uncle Nigel!! Lots of love Matthew and Luke xx
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Jeremy mcgrail on 08 April 2012 16:36
Hey Paul, lent is over! LOL
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The landing at Barneo was hair-raising.
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